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Michael Maloney


Michael's esteemed career in construction spans 40 years, marked by diversity and expertise across various sectors. Starting in the 1980s, Michael honed his project material management skills while working in his father's building supply company. He later transitioned into overseeing single-family home construction sites, averaging 120-sites annually. Here, Michael's leadership skills truly shone. 


Now, partnered with his son Paul as Chief Construction Officer at Maloney Homes, he leverages over 18 years of experience in Florida's building supply sector and a decade in project management to serve clients with precision and finesse.


Michael's journey exemplifies dedication to excellence, inspiring industry-wide admiration for his craftsmanship and innovation. Michael is family-oriented, finding happiness in the simple joys of life. Whether he's spending quality time with loved ones, navigating the serene waters of Charlotte Harbor on a boat, or embracing the new role of a devoted grandfather, his heart is always full. 


Michael Maloney the Chief Construction Officer of Southwest Florida Best Remodeling Company Maloney Homes
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